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429 3rd Street.

 Berthoud, CO 80513




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About Sara


Sara Newman quit a 9-5, 401k having, super thrilling (not soul crushing) career in Finance and Accounting to pursue her dreams of helping others feel their best selves. Hence, Newman Esthetics was born.

Sara is not just a normal Esthetician, she is a COOL Esthetician. Going against the norm in the "beauty industry", she hopes to create a safe space for all people. Literally, anybody. 

At Newman Esthetics I offer quiet appointments, recycle everything I can (no wax strips into land fills! yay!),  I don't judge or care how you look, how hairy you are, or what your internet history says. I strive to let everybody be themselves here. I don't want to just know what you are there to treat, but also what you LOVE about yourself and I want to praise all the wonderful things about yourself.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, or tell your favorite joke. I am here for it.

If you are my client, or future client, I want you to know I cherish you and can't thank you enough for making my world this heckin' amazing! 

In Store Cancellation Policy:

Please keep the Karma Universe in your favor by not cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment. If you need to cancel, please reach out to me directly to reschedule so I can hopefully fill your spot, rather than a no call no show.

Otherwise, stick a knife in my heart won't ya?

This will be updated in the near future and will be posted in this section, on emails, monthly newsletter, and booking confirmations.